Resource Information Specialists

What is a Resource Information Specialist?

IFAPA employs two Resource Information Specialists who provide information and resources to families on a variety of topics. They are available to answer questions on adoption and foster care issues. They also research and develop materials and resources for foster and adoptive families.

Both Resource Information Specialists are a foster and/or adoptive parent so they have personal experience and understand the issues that can challenge resource families. They can provide information on a variety of topics such as working with birth families, explaining foster care and adoption to children, understanding children’s mental health, seeking out respite options, dealing with behavior challenges, choosing a therapist who is adoption/foster care sensitive, and more. They also have specific areas of expertise as listed below:

DID YOU KNOW? IFAPA's Peer Liaisons and Resource Information Specialists provide support (phone, e-mail & face-to-face contact) to an average of 2,000 foster, adoptive and kinship parents each month?

How Can I Contact an RIS?

Angela Stark
(located in Polk county)
Phone: 877-788-7255 or 515-261-7255

Nancy Magnall
(located in Bremer county)
Phone: 877-467-4100 or 319-352-3600



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